DCC Brown & Sharpe Validator CMM

Attica Engineering’s Quality Control equipment utilizes a gage lab quality DCC Brwon & Sharpe Validator CMM
complete with Renishaw PH10M/TP20 probing system running with OpenDMIS® measuring software
and equipped with a Wenzel WPC2030 controller.



All CMM Software performs identical tasks and use identical algorithms to calculate results.
Metrology capabilities may vary from one CMM software to another however most CMM Software suppliers create the impression that the more complex and cumbersome the user interface the more user perception of product capabilities.
Enter OpenDMIS®, a full function next generation CMM software product with all the necessary Professional CMM User capabilities without the incumbency of an ineffective user interface with long training periods and learning curves.

OpenDMIS® presents a truly unique and innovative user interface by combining impressive capabilities within a dynamic user interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive in concept characterized by:

  • No ‘pop-up’ windows
  • Dynamic function sensitive Tool Bars
  • Action Icons and Context Sensitive Work Areas
  • The Graphics Viewer remains 100% visible at all times maximizing operating efficiency unlike competitive products that become crowded with redundant open windows impairing software utilization and requiring multiple mouse clicks.
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Click to Measure simplicity
  • Seamless CAD integration
  • DMIS 5.0 Compliance